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Wednesday, 7 December 2011


On the 26th of October we watched the famous film Breathless by Jaen Luc Godard in 1960.

I have never watched this film and this was the first time, although I have watched many films over the years I didn't know what to expect from the film from what my expectations was from films today. Overall I haven't really got a review about the film more notes about the film and what I feel.

The film  is based around two main characters who are Michel and Patrica. And the story to the film is Michel shoots a police man and turns to Patricia and asks her to runaway to Italy with him. She denys his offer but knowing nothing of what hes done she hides him away from the police. Many times Michel trys seducing her but never seems to work, Patricia realises Michel is not in love with her finds out about Michel being on the run so she betrays him by telling the police which go on to kill Michel in the final scene. 

The film is shot in black and white instead of colour which many films are today. I feel this adds a comic feel to the film, also as there is cheesy music played throughout the film with chases. The film uses a lot Jump-Cuts which makes the film at times confusing and hard to understand and following I don't really like this style of editing. The film is also sometimes the actors are speaking in french with english subtitles and sometimes english and french subtitles. The film is shoot in Paris.

Michel is a character I dislike he is portrayed as this 'tough guy' as throughout the film he is stealing cars and running from the police. Also you rarely see him without a cigarette in his mouth until the end of the film when he is killed but even then his last breath is smoke which still keeps with the smoking theme. Michels attitude towards Patricia is quite sexist and treats Patricia like dirt, referring to women as 'dogs' and scumbags' he always pesters her for sex and trys looking up her skirt too but she slaps him and puts his back in his place.

Patricia is a character I like a lot she is a young student and journalist. She is a strong-minded young lady who stands up for herself agasint Michel showing that she can not be walked all over and pushed around by men. The common example is when Michel pestered her for sex and she would slap him and put him back in his place even if it was only for five minutes.

Overall I don't really like the film as it was annoying keep having to read the subtitles and not being able to follow the characters conversation as they kept shifting subjects at every sentence. Also the acting wasn't that good at times it felt like it was almost following Michel's and Patricia's dayily routine and lifestyle.

Althought I like the fact how they used the camera at times to shoot parts of the film. Also how Patricia did the right thing in the end and doesn't let her feelings get in the way.

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