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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

1971 Printmaking

On the 7th November we was given the bried for 1971 Printmaking.
We was asked to choose something that happened in 1971 to base a three colour screen print. I choose to do mine on Disney World.
I took the image an changed it to black and white grayscale to see if there would be too much white in the image and if I was going to have to change areas of the image to colour to make it better to do a three colour print.

Here is the image I have chosen in colour and black and white as you can see there is a lot of white left free in the sky and the waves.

On 14th November I decided to start editing the original design. I edited this out to a colour so when I changed it back to grayscale it came up a block grey colour. Which you can see is a lot better then what I originally started out with.

On 25th November. I had the image on acetate ready to start copying out the white spaces ready to print the first colour which is Blue.I never applied anything to the acetate image. I did twelve prints altogether so there was space for trial and error with them. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of this stage of printing.

On 2nd December the prints had dried from last week and was now ready for the second colour to be added. This colour was going to be red. Again I never applied anything to the acetate image.
Below is a photograph of 1 out of 12 prints.

On 9th December the prints was ready for the keyline which is made of the acetate image. This will be digitally added to the screen ready to print. There is a choice whether I want to hand print anymore in before or after I have done this.

Below is a image of Disney World on the screen with the black paint ready to start printing. You can slightly see the print orderneath ready for the keyline to be printed as you can see the red and blue showing slightly.

Also there is two photographs underneath showing two prints out of the twelve.

Overall I am happy with the results of the print. Although when printing the first and second stage's there was times when I wanted to walk away from carrying on, as some worked out better thenn others.
I thought this because the blue and red print didn't completely match up with the lines of the original image, which made me feel like the keyline wouldn't fit the print and the wouldn't work out.
After thinking all that the white adds to the print and overall I am happy with this piece of work.

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