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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Who Am I ?

This is my first project for Understanding Imagery and I wasn't sure how my final piece would work out. I have simple just put a few versions of my final piece as I was only just getting used to using Photoshop, but here is my final poster idea.
It was to design a poster based on ourselves but only using photographs we had taken of us. It was so people was able to look at it an tell we like listening to music for example from just the poster. It was out choice wether we had the title of the poster on there which was Who Am I ?

 Here was my first idea my ideas are rushed as I didn't have much time to do my poster and hand it on time. So I am not hundred percent happy with how this final poster is. Here it just a simple heart filled with the images I wanted to use to tell people about me. I decided I like this idea but it is just to simple I needed to add something else to it. As the heart is in the middle of the page there is a lot of negative space left around it this can suggest feelings I don't want to create.

To the right is the second idea I decided to add Who Am I ? the title of the project. Instead of just plonking it at the bottom or at the top of the page big stating the poster, I decided to put it in quite big but slanted to match the side of the heart.I like this idea but I wanted three ideas so I could choose one I like so i could add to it and one I didn't really like. 

Here is the third idea. I played around with the filters on photoshop to achieve that effect with the photgraphs and I also titled the heart and dragged it out distorting it almost. I like this idea because it filled the top half of the paper as there was to much negative space.

I don't have a photograph for my final idea but i took the Who Am I ? title at the bottom so there was space for something little in the left hand bottom corner. I thought the heart looked like a balloon so to match the title I drew a small stickman same height as the text and a line from the bottom of the heart to his hand.

Although this is not what I wanted for my final design, this is showing just some simple tools I used in photoshop and also shows I had understanding of following a brief. When I have my poster back I shall upload a picture of my final design so you have some idea. Watch this space!

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