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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sisters Poster - Home from Home Event - 19th January

Again my sister wanted another poster designing that she could take to the printers to be shrunk down to a5 to make leaflets to match the poster. She told me what logos had to be put on, and the information, and thats it needed to be reds and pinks because it was to fit in with Valentines Day.

I did two different backgrounds so she was able to pick which one she liked the most.

She decided she wanted the red background, so I added the logos she wanted and the text.

I was now able to play around with the positioning of text and the layout of the whole poster.
 I did two different designs with two different fonts so she was able to choose which font was the better one. The one on the left is the same font all the way throught the poster and the poster on the right has one typeface for the title and different typeface for the information.

She decided she wanted the poster on the right also she wanted another line of text adding under the title.

After this was done, she wanted a image adding so i dd the image in two different colours.
I used a image of cupid showing an arrow which she chose, I did this so it was in line with the top of the H so it looks like the cupid is flying onto the poster.

She liked the red design but, then I came up with a idea of having the cupid upright standing on the e pointing towards the Masquerades logo, I did this in three different colours the red, white to stand out also because the white at the bottom of the poster and pink one to match the text.

 After seeing all the designs she choose the poster with the white cupid. She wanted her contact details and the final poster is below.

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