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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Edward's Trust Poster - 18th January 2012

My Sister asked if I would design a poster for the charity Edward's Trust an it had to be simple and done last night ready for today. All I had was the information she had sent me and the logos that needed to be on the poster. Also that I had to do a background that was blue and pink, so altogether there was two designs at the end.

I created the two backgrounds below yet wanting the colour changed to an ice blue. 

This is the Ice Blue background.

I added all the information that was needed to the poster in the different fonts so I had a bases for my poster an now I was able to playa round with the positioning and font styles.

I added the text onto the pink background and I also added a picture to the space in the left hand corner of business people shaking hands as this fitted with the theme of the poster.

Below is the pink background with all the same font and then the one on the right shows a change in the typeface and the type size as I thought this fitted the purpose better.

Then I was told the typeface needs to be simple, so I changed the typeface to a simple and again changed the type sizes.

The one on the left was sent over as a final but this wasn't completed, the design in the middle has words taken out and information missed out placed on. There was some final tweeks on the design on the right which again was moving around the layout of the text but after this was done this was decided as the final pink design.

Again the design on the left is too match the pink design before all the changes was made to make it final. The design in the middle is too match the pink design in the middle above, and the one on the right is the blue design to match the pink design, so this was the final blue design.

This was so the client had a choice of whether to have the blue or pink
 Below are the final blue design and the final pink design.


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