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Friday, 13 January 2012

Sisters poster to match business entertainment cards

My sister also asked that I create a a4 poster that matches the entertainment business cards.

She asked that the background be pink and the singer be black on the business cards this was the opposite way round. She also asked that her pink logo was put on, qr code, and the edward's trust logo.

Below is the beginning of the poster - this is just the background

Here again she asked that I used the same font as the business cards for the information about the event and that the title had a 'script' like about it.
Here I have just simple placed the text over the singer but my sister liked this idea.

We changed a few more things before the poster was complete by moving text positioning around. And taking a phrase about how much the night would cost and placing it over the singer in the same font as the title.

Below is the final poster.

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