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Friday, 13 January 2012

Sisters Poster

My Sister then asked me to design a poster for spotlight on business networking specifically requiring on the poster was the Edward's Trust, two of her business look and rev marketing logo.
She asked that I did three versions each time with the dates being different.

Below is the background and the beginning of the poster.

She had written down all the information she wanted on the poster and so I added this in so then I could start playing around with the positioning of were text and logos was going to be placed.  I also added the rev marketing onto the bottom.

After showing here this we started to play around with the positioning of text and whether the font and size was correct. Also whether we thought if any words or phrases was meant to be in bold italic or underline.

I changed the poster to what my sister wanted she asked me to take out the free business networking phrase. Instead of being all in the centre. Centred the free entry and information about the event. And left aligned the address and right aligned the date and times. I also needed to add on my sisters details that I hadn't put on before this was centred inbetween the gaps of the logos.

Below are the final three with each time a date being removed.

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