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Friday, 6 January 2012

Sisters Networking Business Poster.

Here I am designing a template for a poster that once designed has the space for her corporate responsibility. (charity of choice)
She required on the poster was her :business logo, supporting charity logo, space for text that can be edited to fit the suitable event dates/times and that I used the colours Blue,White and Black to fit in with other posters made for the business and was a A4 size.

Here is my first starting of points of the poster. The background blue is the same blue as the dark blue used in the 'Masquerades' logo. Everything looked OK until I placed the 'supporting charity - Edward Trust' logo and changed the background to blue it was hard to read the Edward Trust title.

So I decided try a differentbackground colour again matching the colour blues used in pervious work. I changed it to a sky blue and added a gradient dark in the left top corner to light in the bottom right corner. This works a lot better as it compliments the logo as it is dark on light blue an matches into the business logos. I have also made changes to the size and different text size's this is a lot better but again is not yet completed.

Below is the third save of the poster with more changes again. I have added a Blurb which is centred as it is a main part of the poster. Also the information about where the networking is being held, date, time and price. I have put the price on a slant and the same blue as the other information as it is a main part for the audience and you need to grab there attention. Also because children are welcome I have added a hand print of a child to the top of the page which fits the title in and again this is the same colour blue as the information about the Networking.
Again this is Not the completed version.

Below is the final version of the poster although it looks very similar this is some changes made to the poster which before the poster looked odd and something was not right.
I have added my sisters children's logo as children are able to attend the event.
I have changed the position of the price as this split up the two different venues, dates and times and changed it to black to match the Blurb this also makes the two split up.
Also I have changed the Blurb certain phrases and words are Bold and Italic to catch the audiences eye as some would just read without noticing the important bits. I also did this for the price as I added capital letters to certain words to again catch the audience's eye.

Overall this was successful and had been sent to the printers to be printed ready for advertising round the local area.

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